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4 March 2002: I started at 9 am. The Berlin camp was reached after 1h 58 min and the ridge between the Northern and the Southern summit after 4h 5 min. I ran towards the summit and nearly fell upon the small cross when I checked the chronometer that stopped after 4h 25min. The descent turned out to be a rather dry matter: an environmental friendly fellow climber disposed of my water supply I left at the Berlin camp…..

With this the existing record of the French was broken by 9 min and Christian was back in Base camp after 6 hours. Remains the question: what the heck are we going to do with the rest of the day? The answer was given when the Skyrunner cashed in four 6.000+ within 24 hours…..

  • View to the north 1
  • Summit ridge on Aconcagua
  • Scree slopes above nideo de condores
  • Plaza Mulas Summit Aconcagua in 4h25min
  • Mule mummies high up on Aconcagua
  • Acongagua summit during 5th ascent 2007
  • Aconcagua Stangl 4h25min
  • Aconcagua classic 2 camps 3 days

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