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5.199m – highest point of Mount Kenia!

Some are happy to just hike to Point Lenana (4.985m), some with the side summit Nelion 5.188m. However, the highest point of Mount Kenia is Batian. In order to reach Batian we invested another 3 (!) hours of climbing starting from the side summit of Nelion. I studied countless reports and knew that the real challenge would not be the “Van de Graaf” variation in the Eastern Wall but the crossing of the ridge from Nelion to Batian. Many climbers simply don’t cross over this tricky and time intensive passage only for being 11 meters higher. However, highest point is highest point. Knowing what we were in for, we right away climbed with double ropes and had the crampons in the backpack until the summit. A good decision as it turned out. Despite our heavy boots and rests of snow we swiftly climbed through the Eastern Wall of Nelion.

Knowing about the vertical abseiling on the connecting ridge of Nelion and Batian I tried a northern circumvention. However, this attempt proofed unsuccessful because of the unsuitable aluminium crampons and the extremely hard and brittle ice. So we decided on a plan B: abseiling and leaving one strand of the cord for the return in the wall. We hardly found any traces of previous climbers during our searches on the northern and southern side for the best way. What a gorgeous summit!

  • Stauden Reiden am Fuße des Batian_Mt.Kenia_
  • Bananas
  • Approaching Mt.Kenia_
  • Batian_Nelion_Pt.John_Birgit
  • Batian seen fron Nelion
  • Black and White
  • Brot aus Nairobi_aus der Ennsvalley bakery_Am Label_Sparafeld und Admonter Reichenstein vom Paltental gesehen
  • Chri sauft...in Moshi_Tasania
  • During the approach
  • Eastface of Nelion
  • Gate of mists_gap between Nelion and Batian
  • Luxury in Kenya
  • Rapelling from Batian_Mt.Kenia_
  • 01_batian_second_highest_summit__of_africa

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