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Cerro Pissis

n the past, conflicting data could be found regarding the heights of Ojos del Salado and Cerro Pisses. However, an international team measured the mountains with DGPS and confirmed that "Pisses" is the third highest mountain of South America.

In 2003 a young British mountaineer, Neil Tucker, disappeared on this mountain. Despite his young age (he was only 24 years) he was the pioneer of the "21 world summits " project. According to my research he was the first who wanted to climb the 3 highest peaks on each continent. He disappeared during his descent under unknown circumstances. His corps was never found.

  • 01_Christian Stangl_Summit of Mt. Pissis
  • Cerro Pissis has nine summits over 6.000m_the main summit rises to 6.795m
  • Herman Max Binder at the Basecamp of Cerro Pissis_Argentina
  • Mt.Pissis
  • The northern slopes of Cerro Pissis
  • Mt.Pissis from the far_Mainsummit on the right
  • Penitentes on Mt.Pissis
  • Summited 21-December 2008
  • Summit Log on Cerro Pissis
  • Summit of Mt.Pissis_third highest peak of south america
  • The peak was named to honor of frenchman Pierre Pissis
  • The puna de Atacama seen from the top of Cerro Pissis
  • The vast northern glaciar from above

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