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Christian Stangl

Curriculum Vitae

Activities since 1985

Skyrunner, Adventurer, Motivational Speaker UIAGM Mountain Guide and Electrical Engineer.Certified Triple Guinness World Record Holder


Climbed a new route on Mt. San Juan 5.788m / Argentina / Andes


50 ferratas typ "E" (extremely difficult) in Austria in 38 days with bicycle rides between the climbs (50 ferratas to celebrate the 50th birthday)

2nd Exploration to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta/Colombia/South america


1st Exploration to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta/Colombia/South america


Bogda Feng 5.445m China

Chimborazo 6.267m Equator

Pico Bilivar 4.981m Venezuela

Ritacuba Blanco 5.410m Colombia


Became the first person to successfully climb the TRIPLE SEVEN SUMMITS, the three highest mountains of the seven continents. Furthermore he became also the first person to successfully climb the 2nd7 summits and 3rd7 summits (the second highest and the third highest mountain of every continent, accordingly)

Shkhara 5.193m 3rd7 Europe via South East

Sumantri 4.870m 2nd7Oceania Traverse via Ngga Pulu

Ngga Pulu (Fore Summit of Sumantri) Surveying

Kosziusko, Mt. Townsend, Mt. Twynam (1st, 2nd, 3rd highest of Australia)

Cerro Bonete 6.759m Argentina from South East (Possible New Route?)


Rwenzori 5.109m 4rd7 Africa from Uganda Standard Route

K2 8.611m 2nd7 Asia (Summit w/o Oxygen) Abruzzi Spur

Puncak Mandala 4.758m 3rd7 Oceania New Route from North West

Elbrus 5.642m 1st7 Europe Standard Route

Mt.Tyree 4.852m 2nd7 Antarctica North East Ridge and East Face

Mt. Blanc, Dufourspitze, Dom (1st, 2nd, 3rd highest of Alps) Ski Ascents & Descents


Kanchenjunga 8.586m 3rd7 Asia (No Oxygen) via South West Spur (British 1955) 76 days from sealevel at the coast of the Indian Ocean. On foot and by bicycle only.

K2 8.611m 2nd7 Asia Unsuccessful 7.800m Cesen Spur


Mt. Logan 5.959m 2nd7 North America via King Trench Route

K2 8.611m 2nd7 Asia Unsuccessful Reached 7.500m Abruzzi Spur

Pico de Orizaba 5.636m 3rd7 North America via Refugio Piedra Grande

Puncak Trikora 4.730m 4rd7 Oceania via Northern Slopes/West Ridge and Southern Slopes to the Main Summit


Kilimanjaro 5.895m 1st7 Africa via Rongai Route

Batian (Mt. Kenya) 5.199m 2nd7 Africa via Nelion Eastface and Gate of Mists

Mawenzi 5.119m 3rd7Africa via Öhler Route and Variation

K2 8.611m 2nd7 Asia Unsuccessfull Reached 8.300m via Abruzzi

Mt. Vinson 4.892m 1st7 Antarctica Standart Route

Dyck Tau 5.224m 2nd7 Europe via north west ridge

Mt.Tyree 4.852m 2nd7 Antarctica NE Ridge and Eastface; Rock fall accident at approx. 4.500m

Mt. Logan 5.959m 2nd7 North America Unsuccessful via East Ridge


K2 8.611m 2nd7 Asia Unsuccessful 8.100m Reached via Abruzzi

Pissis 6.795m 3rd7 South America from North

Mt. Shinn 4.660m 3rd7 Antarctica New Route; Solo from South

Mt. Gardner 4.573m 4rd7 Antarctica via Westface

Mt.Tyree 4.852m 2nd7 via Mt.Gardner NW Ridge attempt

Four 6.000m+ peaks within a day:

Cerro Parinacota 6.330 m

Cerro Pomerape 6.240 m

Cerro Acotango 6.040 m

Volcan Gaullatiri 6.052 m


Aconcagua 6.959m 1st7 South America

Denali (Mc. Kinley) 6.194m 1st7 North America Speed Ascent via West Butress

Ojos del Salado 6.893m 2nd7 South America Speed Ascent via north (Chile) side

Carstensz 4.884m 1st7 Oceania Speed Ascent via „Harrer“

Ngga Pulu (Fore Summit of Sumantri)

Chimbote 5.400m Attempt of first ascent in the South Face

Lullaillaco 6.739m

Cho Oyu 8.201m Speed ascent via „Tichy“ Route

Mt. Vinson 4.892m Speed Ascent via Standard Route


Mt. Everest 8.848m 1st7 Asia (No Oxygen) Speed Ascent via North- and Northeast Ridge

Elbrus 5.642m 1st7 Europe Speed Ascent via Standard Route

Three 6.000m+ peaks within a day

San Francisco 6.018 m

Vicuñas 6.067 m

Barranca Blanca 6.119 m


Ten 6.000m+ peaks within one week (11. -17. 2. 05)

El Fraile 6.061 m

Incahuasi 6.621 m

San Francisco 6.018 m

Peña Blanca 6.030 m

Ermitaño 6.146 m

El Muerto 6.488 m

Ojos del Salado 6.893 m

Vicuñas 6.067 m

Barranca Blanca 6.119 m

Tres Cruzes Sur 6.748 m

Dhaulagiri 8.167m (Attempt to 7.800m) with Ivan Vallejo and Iñaki Ochoa

Pik Lenin 7.134 m

Andes Atacama Desert North/South crossing on foot, solo, 900km, 34 days


Kilimandscharo 5.895 m Speed Ascent via Umbwe Route; descent via Mweka Route

Broad Peak 8.057m Rocky summit only (8.013m)

Elbrus 5.642m with clients


Lhotse – Everest Traverse Attempt

South America Nine 6.000m+ peaks in 18 days

San Pedro 6.159 m

Aucanquilcha 6.180 m

Parinacota 6.330 m

Pomerape 6.240 m

Acotango 6.040 m

Guallatiri 6.052 m

Sajama 6.542 m

Huyana Potosi 6.088 m

Illimani 6.439 m


Aconcagua 6.956 m Speed Ascents (2x) via Standard Route

Marmolejo 6.108 m

Khan Tengri 7.010 m Sviridenko Route, Alpin style with Jürgen Reinmüller

Austrian Alps First ascent „Steinerne Jungfrau“; WI5, M7,12 pitches


Cho Oyu 8.201 m New Route Variant North Face

Palung Ri 7.012 m South Face, New Route, 800m South Face


Gasherbrum 1 8.068 m New Route Attempt, SW Face


Gasherbrum 1 8.068 m New Route Attempt, SW Face

Antisana North 5.200 m


Shisha Pangma 8.046 m, South Face British Route


Sajama 6.542 m

Tupungato 6.570 m Attempt of Winter Ascent

Mururata 5.800 m

Quimsa Cruz 5.000m Rock Climbing


Ojos del Salado 6.893 m

Chaukamba II 7.100m Attempt of first ascent


Huascaran 6.768 m Ski Descent

Nevado Pisco 5.800 m Ski Descent


Latok II 7.156 m, West buttress big wall climbing, no summit (Approach from Austria per car)

Demavend 5.600m


Ogre 7.286 m Attempt of second ascent failed. Accident


South America climbing trip

Aconcagua 6.956m

Chacraraju South Face 6.112 m Attempt

Huayna Potosi Westface

Huayna Potosi North West Face „Cabeza de Perro“ New route

Alpamayo Chico Southface

Condoriri Traverse

Nevado Wyoming Couloir Southface

1988 -1986

Alps, Rock and Ice Climbing, Alpine solo climbing up to UIAA 6+


Cycling through the Alps and climbing the classics like


Mt. Blanc,


Piz Palü,





(28 days cycling and climbing trip)

Cycling trips


Austria – Slovenia – Croatia – Serbia – Bulgaria – Turkey – Georgia – Ascent of Mt. Kasbek 5.047m – back via Ucrainia - Moldavia – Romania – Hungary – Austria (6.000km approx.)


On foot and cycling from the Indian Ocean to the village of Tablejung in Nepal in order to climb Mt. Kanchenjunga 8.586m (From ZERO to 8.586m)


Palermo (Italy) - Admont (Austria) Ca. 1.800km


Sydney-Melbourne (sport climbing and cycling trip)


Surrounding of New Zealand, ca. 5.500km


Admont (Austria) - Athens (Greece): ca. 1.900km


Admont -Gibraltar: ca: 3.000km.


Crossing the Alps by bicycle and climbing the classics.ca. 2.200km

Other Activities:1986 – 2001

Employee in Austria and Libya

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