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Christian Stangl

Elbrus Эльбрус

Mingi Tau Минги Тау 5642m

After 5 h and 18 min I reached the summit and turned around right away to return down to the ridge where I had to descent carefully over blank ice. 4 spikes of my crampons broke off – a dangerous situation! My facial protection mask also started to freeze pretty badly which hindered my breathing, so I had to finally take it off. My nose was not too happy about it but I got away with only slight frost bite. On 4.700 m I reached the ski depot and skied down non stop. After 7 h 12 min I was back in Azau. My thighs were smooth as butter. Stangl did not use any depots and abstained from using any external help. His record, however, only held for 2 years.

  • Christian Stangl
  • Christian Stangl-Elbrus Ski Speedascent 27.4.2006 in 5h18min from Azau village
  • c.stangl_sixth_ascent_of_mt._elbrus
  • Summit view Mt. Elbrus 5.643m
  • Sunset at Mt. Elbrus
  • mt._blanc_4.810m_highest_mountain_of_the_alps

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