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From 0 to 8.586m per manpower!

Normally you climb a 8.000+ peak from the base camp. Depending on the mountain that is somewhere between 4.500m and 6.500m, hence already more than half up the mountain. It is always difficult to imagine, but also on Mt. Everest its "only" about 2.348 meters that are relevant: between the Base camp at north side (6.500m) and the summit (8.848m).

And that is exactly why I wanted to - for once - really climb the whole mountain: from the very bottom to the very top. So I set out on foot at the Indian Ocean. In the first bigger settlement I got me an Indian bike, brand "Hero", for a couple of Euros. Also my cameraman Christian Schmidt got a brand-new "Hero". For about a month we cycled through India to Eastern Nepal. In Tablejung the road ended. There I teamed up with Aleksei Bolotov and his Russian team. I hiked with them for 11 days until we reached the base camp on 5.500m. From there I climbed the mountain without any bottled O2. From sea level to the top of the 3rd highest mountain of the world it took me 76 days – manpower only!

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  • Indisches Waffenrad um 60 Euro_keine Gangschaltung
  • Am Gipfel des Kachenjunga 8.568m_20.Mai 2011
  • kanchenjunga_0m_8.586m_overview
  • Approaching the summit rocks_Foto by Tunc Findik
  • Bicycle!
  • Christian Schmidt_Luxusbude in Indien
  • Close to the summit_Foto_Tunc Findik
  • Cold summit push on Kanch
  • Jannu_7.780m
  • Jetstreams over Kanchenjunga
  • Schweißtreibende Angelegenheit
  • Snow above C3
  • Summit Kanchenjunga
  • Tunc Findik and Chris Stangl on the Top


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