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Christian knew the existing record would be tricky to beat. As Uhuru Peak is technically speaking a relatively easy mountain with a moderate height where he couldn t fully use his physical advantages. Hence the operation needed special training preparation with training units each consisting of 4.500m in order to get a feeling for the distance. This resulted in the fact that he found himself on the summit 3 times in the week before the skyrun in order to check out the perfect route. The winner was the Umbwe Route because there are 4 water spots that could be used for the skyrun. He started at Umbwe Gate as planned on 1.450 m. The challenge was to surmount 4.445m and 4 vegetation levels. Christian reached the summit in 5 h 36 min.

  • Shrinking Glaciar on the Kili crater
  • On the crater rim
  • Jogging along F├╝rtwanglerglaciar
  • During the speed ascent
  • 5th ascent of Kili 2009
  • 01_Kilimanjaro 5.895m_Africa in 5h 36min
  • Sunrise Kili

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