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For a long time I thought that Rwenzori with the “Punta Margherita” or “Point Stanley” is the 3rd highest peak of Africa. My travel plans for Uganda were already in their final stage when Mawenzi (main summit is called: Point Hans Meyer 5.149m) suddenly came into the picture. It was doubtful whether Mawenzi was a side summit of Kilimanscharo or not. I consulted with the Kili Expert Rudi Stangl, who summitted Kili 73(!) times. He confirmed that the saddle between Kilimanscharo and Mawenzi is lower than 4.300m hence a prominence of 849 m. This is more than between the 8.000m+ peaks Lhotse and Mt. Everest. The prominence of Lhotse to the south col is 610m and both mountains count as independent 8.000er.

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The ascent to Mawenzi's highest point, the Hans Meyer peak, leads through crumbly rocks in the beginning. You better are an experienced climber here. Further up, the "Oehler" couloir, you encounter a high risk of falling rocks. It is advisable to climb up quickly and be off the mountain by 10am. The summit is very pointy, terrific views in all directions.

UPDATE_December 27th 2012

Successful ascent of Mt.Rwenzori (Point Magherita)

  • Christian Stangl on Hans Meyer Peak aka Mawenzi Main summit  5.149m
  • East side of Mawenzi
  • Kili from Hans Meyer Peak_highest point of Mawenzi
  • Looking down from Mawenzi main summit to the Oehler coloir
  • Mawenzi from northwest
  • Mawenzi summit
  • Remainings of crased plane on Kili_Mawenzi plateau
  • Rotten rock at the very beginning of the Mawenzi climb
  • Summits east of Hans Meyer Peak on Mawenzi
  • View from Hans Meyer Peak to Nordend peak
  • rwenzori_magherita_summit

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