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Christian Stangl

Mt. Everest

8848m Daytrip without O2

What is the myth of Everst? You climb, you descent. No high camps, no oxygen. I reduce the mountain to the escence: 2400 meters from base camp to the summit. A normal day pensum for me. The accusation that I am following the traces of my predecessors is correct: I still can t fly…..

The higher he climbs the better he feels. The mushroom limit where many get problems Stangl overcomes without troubles. On the contrary: he gets a realy kick know especiall when he saw a guy with oxygen trudging towards the summit. 16 h and 42 min after he started in base camp Christians altimeter showed 8.848 m. After 22 he is back in base camp. Everest was, for the fist time ever, climbed solo, without external aid within 24 hours.

  • Everest from the north
  • Lhotse 8.512m from the summit of Everest
  • Mount Everest in 16h42min without O2 from BC
  • Seen from summit of Cho Oyu
  • Summitview to Nepal Mt. Nuptse 7.884m
  • mt.everest_seen_from_advanced_base_camp_6.500m
  • equatorianpatricio_crausaz_on_the_summit_of_mt._everest
  • summit_of_mt.everest_foto_by_patricio_crausaz_equator
  • summiters_with_o2_mt.makalu_8.543m_in_the_background

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