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Mt. Logan


On May 22 2010 I reached the main summit of Mt. Logan.

The main summit of this mountain wasn't easy to find as you can not see the highest peak upon arrival of the Prospectors Col (= pass the leads you to the huge summit plateau). Russel Peak and West peak dominate your view and you are tempted to target those peaks. (Rich Prohasaka, a Canadian mountain guide who summitted Mount Logan 3 times gave me valuable hints in order to really reach the highest point which is marked by an old ice axe). I also trusted my GPS with the waypoints and descend the 400m and target a point in the very north of the plateau. A point that is marked as "Camp 5" in the map. Of course I didn´t stay there as I carry on further East to the "Sloping Crevasse". The summit plateau seems never-ending as from there it is another 1.3km southeast. Without the GPS and the previously saved waypoints I still would not have known which summit to target. A praise to satellite navigation! I took off my skis at the base of the summit pyramid. The snow/ice was rock hard. From a small ridge its 200m – this time westwards – that finally leads me to the main summit. An old ice axe, upside down in the snow, marks what is really the highest point. Apart from that there are no human traces. What a summit! What a view! Canada's highest point!

  • 02_Logan Main summit_marked by an old iceaxe
  • on_logan_mainsummit_with_king_peak_left_and_westpeak_right
  • old_ice_axe_on_main_summit_of_mt.logan_
  • westpeak_as_seen_from_mt.logan_main_summit
  • Mt.Logan summit mark
  • King Peak_West summit from Logan Mainsummit
  • 03_View to the eastsummit
  • 04_King Peak_king Col and West summit from the mainsummit
  • 5.173m_high_king_peak_seen_from_king_col
  • mission_completed_canadas_mighty_mt.logan_
  • Knife Ridge_Mt.Logan_
  • Riesenspalte am Logan03
  • Fresh meat
  • Learning to fly
  • Mt.Logan as seen from the west_ the US_Canadian border line
  • Mt.Logan the giant in Canadas remote north_seen from the east
  • 2009_Approach to Mt.Logan_
  • AustroCanadian Chris Schmidt enjoyes the pleasure of civilisation back in White Horse
  • Attempt via eastridge 2009
  • 2009_East ridge

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