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Mt. Shinn

First ascent on Mt. Shinn in the Antartica

Big was the surprise in March 2010 when I received some correspondence from the British Climbmagazine which confirmed that I made a first ascent on Mt. Shinn. Because I did this quick solo already back in December 2008!

Mt Shinn has the perfect curves for a mountain. However he is unfortunately only the third highest mountain of the Antarctica. So, whilst his famous neighbour, Mt. Vinson was visited 190 times this season, Mt. Shinn was climbed only 3 times.

I chose my climbing route following mathematical parameters: the most direct line between base and summit, hence straight up. The climbing was pathetically cold that day and even the sun couldn’t change that very much. Seen from the base, a huge snow cornice seemed to block the last meters to the summit. However, a hidden 60degree inclined couloir offered me the perfect get through allowing me to reach the pointy summit...