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Christian Stangl

Mt. Vinson


December 2007. Already on our second day after we arrived in base camp the weather was great. Christian planned to combine his job as mountain guide at Mt. Vinson with his own project, a skyrun, should the time allow.

So I was in great shape. After I had earned my wage in my job I went back to base camp. 8 hours later I started my thing: put on the skis that I took off only 200 meters below the summit and summitted with a new record in 9 h 10 min on the normal route. My Seven Summits Speed Project was done! Quickly I did the maths: 58 h 45 min – new overall record! I highly enjoyed this grand finale and stood there. Half an hour all an my own I was looking into this fantastic landscape of Antartica…..and new projects started to pop into my mind….

The descent was a challenge on its own. Highly unpleasant snow conditions turned the descent into a fight down for every meter.

  • C.Stangl_Summiting Mt.Vinson in 9h10min from BC
  • Christian Stangl in der Antarktis
  • Christian Stangl_Summit Mt.Vinson
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  • Illushin 76
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  • Mt.Vinson seen from BC
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  • Magellans feet at Punta Arena
  • Loafa
  • Lazy Dogs in Punta Arena
  • Zombie in the Illuschin plane

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