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Puncak Mandala

In order to exclude any error I climbed all five candidates for the second highest peak of Oceania:

Sumantri and Ngga Pulu and Mt.Townsend

Puncak Mandala

Puncak Trikora

Puncak Mandala is the third highest peak of Oceania, just behind Carstensz Pyramide (#1) and Sumantri (#2)

Puncak Mandala is basically a bureaucratic hurdle, followed by a huge jungle adventure. Once above 4.000m sealevel it becomes a nice trek, altough heavy mists and clouds evoked an intense use of GPS navigation to the top. Right at the highest point I found the British Union Jack, hidden in a medicine pot. Obviously the summit proof of the British Ascent (2002? or 1990?) by Marc Anstice and Bruce Parry via the southside.

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GPS summit track

Back in fall 2011,there was a discussion about the elevations between Puncak Mandala and Puncak Trikora, hence I started a closer research on this topic:

A. SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) Data sheets provide an higher elevation for Mandala.

B. The NASA quoted Puncak Mandala 26m higher than Puncak Trikora.

C. According to my own measurement Puncak Mandala is 24m higher than Puncak Trikora. Please find the GPS Tracks of both summits in the attachment for download. Highest elevations of the summits: (Used device: Garmin foretrex 401)

Puncak Mandala: S 4° 42.541E 140° 17.380 4.769m (DGPS corr. 4.758 m)

Puncak Trikora: S 4° 15.701E 138° 40.902 4.745m (DGPS corr. 4.730 m)

D. Additionally I made a more sophisticated DGPS Measurement by using a TRIMBLE geoXT on Puncak Mandala. (Elevation: 4.758 m)

Extra: On 28/01/2013 I climbed Mt.Twynam, third highest peak of Australia to meet the criteria of "Bass" Second Seven Summits list.