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Puncak Trikora

Puncak Trikora is the fourth highest peak of Oceania

In order to exclude any error I climbed all five candidates for the second highest peak of Oceania:

Sumantri and Ngga Pulu and Mt.Townsend

Puncak Mandala

Puncak Trikora

Sumantri is the second highest mountain of Oceania.

Puncak Mandala is the thirth highest, Puncak Trikora the fourth highest mountain.

The Mandala/Trikora elevation controversy:

1.SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) Data sheets provide an higher elevation for Mandala.

2.The NASA quoted Puncak Mandala 26m higher than Puncak Trikora.

3.According to my own measurements Puncak Mandala is 24m higher than Puncak Trikora. Please find the GPS Tracks of both summits in the attachment for download. Highest elevations of the summits:

Puncak Mandala: S 4° 42.541E 140° 17.380 4.769m

Puncak Trikora: S 4° 15.701E 138° 40.902 4.745m

Ascent of Puncak Trikora

According to the Papua Guide I was supposed to reach the summit of Puncak Trikora after +/- 1 hour crossing the western ridge. That was far off! From the notch, that you reach via the grassy Northern flank, it is about 3 hours climbing via the Western ridge. According to the GPS 1,6km as the crow flies in a difficult scale of 3.

There are many pre summits to pass but I knew from an old picture that the main summit was not composed of solid limestone but it is more like a plateau with loose rocks. On the summit itself is a metal bronze plate the reads: "Puncak Trikora Desember 1983 Ekspedisi Maoke". (see pictures).