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Shkhara гора Шхара


Austrian Mammut Pro Alpinist Christian STANGL has made it! With his successful ascent on technical challenging mountain Shkhara in the Caucasus Mountain Range he is the first human to stand on the TRIPLE SEVEN SUMMITS - the three highest peaks of all seven continents.

On August 23rd 2013, at 9:35 am, the Austrian mountain guide Christian STANGL and his colleagues Archil Badriashvili from Georgia and Michael Haidn from Austria reached the summit of Shkhara (5.193m).

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Is this the third highest peak of Europe? According to a DGPS topographical survey of Peter Schoen in the summer of 2010 the altitude of Shkara was confirmed (http://www.mountain.ru/article/article_display1.php?article_id=5000)

But the mountain has a distinctive feature: out of all of the 21 summits it’s the only mountain at a continental border, between Europe and Asia. The common border between the continents is defined as: Ural Range – Ural river – Caspian Sea – Caucasus (along the main ridge and Shkara peak is exactly on the said main ridge) Black Sea – Bosporus.

Some scientists pledge for a different "geological" border, defining the border along the Manythsch lowland in the Northwest of the Caucasus. However, since the "seven summits" defined Elbrus as the highest mountain in Europe, I logically count the Caucasus for the entire "TRIPLE SEVEN SUMMITS" Project.

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