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Sumantri - the true #2

Formerly Ngga Pulu Northwest

In order to exclude any error I climbed all five candidates for the second highest peak of Oceania

Sumantri and Ngga Pulu and Mt.Townsend

Puncak Mandala

Puncak Trikora

In autum 2012 I found Greg Slayden´s new Second Seven Summits ranking and Chris Myagar´s research about New Guinea mountains on the pages of peakbagger.com. The Sumantri (4870m, formerly Ngga Pulu NW) is there mentioned as the second-highest mountain in Oceania.


Chris Myagar (D/ESP) explained me the Sumantri is with an height of 4870 meter and 350 meter topografic prominence clearly the second-highest mountain in Oceania. I fowarded my doubts that Sumantri might be too close to the Carstensz Pyramid (4884 m) to him, and he responded that isolation will not be part of definition and on the long water divide Sumantri becomes strongly sufficient prominence to be considered as an independent mountain.

Details here:

Also Greg Slayden (USA) proofed these informations and his ranking about the Second Seven Summits (peakbagger.com). He sent my a detailled list about the five highest peaks on every continent with exact height, prominence and dominance (proportional prominence) values. Greg Slayden prefered a prominence cutoff and because of that he has no doubts about Sumantri´s status.

15 January 2013 I climbed the Sumantri and the Ngga Pulu for a second time (which I had already climbed in 2007). And I climbed all relevant key col´s in-between in order to determine the elevations by GPS. I agree that the report on peakbagger.com is correct. The proportional prominence of the mountain Sumantri (formerly Ngga Pulu NW) is higher than, for example, the proportional prominence of the eight-thousand-meter peak Lhotse.

Sumantri_Summit 360° Videoclip_Original

Mt. Lhotse is considered as an independent mountain and not just a side peak of Mt. Everest, so we have to accept Sumantri as an independent mountain. As the elevation of Sumantri is higher than Puncak Mandala, Sumantri ranks as the second highest mountain of Oceania.

As for January 2013, I have climbed the four highest peaks of Oceania:

  1. Carstensz Pyramid (Puncak Jaya) 07/04/2007
  2. Sumantri (Ngga Pulu NW) 15/01/2013
  3. Puncak Mandala (Juliana Top) 28/02/2012
  4. Puncak Trikora (Wilhelmina Peak) 14/01/2010

Extra: On 28/01/2013 I climbed Mt.Townsend, second highest peak of Australia to meet the criteria of "Bass" Second Seven Summits list.

Learn more about Prominence and Dominance here:

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